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Coimbatore omni bus owners and travels association was started in 1996 with 6 members and registered with Regn. no. 18/1996. It has been 21 years and this association is running successfully and currently we have almost 60 members. We have always been best in introducing changes according to the current trend, and now taking into account of the welfare of the passengers we are introducing a website in the name of our association as

There are many additional benefits in this website which are not available in any other website. The passengers who book through our website during their journey if they come across any technical fault in the bus, any unforeseen incidents, any hindrance to the journey, they can travel in any other bus if there are seats available which has our logo sticker on it without any additional charge. We would also like to inform that we have decided to use the income which we receive through this website for the welfare of the passengers, growth of our association and betterment of the society and therefore we request everyone to use this website.

Friendly Crew
Friendly Crew
Friendly Crew

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